Follow your customers needs

Storefront owners, have particular ideas on how to run their business. They have their opinion which products are the right products for their customers. If a business is not doing well, the  business owner should ask his customers what products would they like to see in the store?, what price range will feel right?, what accessories [...]

Imagine having a ‘wow’ meter

Imagine having a ‘wow’ meter  which can be acquired in every electronic store. This meter can measure the  ’wow’ level of any activity of your business. The scale goes from negative ‘wow’-which is bad, to positive ‘wow’- which is good. When you know an activity level you can do something about it.
When measuring your activities, [...]

Get the most out of the people who did not buy

The prospect who walked through your store without purchasing, might be more valuable for your success than the one who did. This is a great opportunity to find a valuable information for free. Engage with him on his way out, communicate and find out how does he perceive your store and products. What would he [...]

Harness the power of the ‘wow’ to expand your business

The dictionary defines ‘wow’ as an exclamation of  surprise, wonder, pleasure. The word came from a human natural response to some happening and it is understood by all people all over the globe. When we ‘wow’ we communicate that we are impressed and happy with the subject at hand and we ‘wow’ to show it.
Harness [...]

Tough times for storefront businesses

The growing popularity of on-line commerce, is taking away many customers from storefront businesses. Add to it times of slow economy and the picture is not encouraging. Many storefront owners are having hard time and many others are closing their doors.
You can fight back
These days being “good” is not good enough. You have to shift [...]

Creating value – The art of promotion

Promotion and advertising are not the same. The goal of promotion is to create a favored opinion in the mind of another. When a potential customer perceives a specific product or service as valuable for him, he would be more likely to purchase it.
Create a perception of high value for your products and services and [...]

Increasing sales by monitoring prospects to customers ratio

An important question every storefront owner should ask – “How many prospects who walked in to my store turned into customers”. If 100 prospects came in and only one turned into a customer, you need to check your products, presentation, pricing, and your sales force.
By knowing the actual ratio you’ll get an immediate feel of [...]

Fighting the on-line competition

E-commerce is growing in an incredibly fast pace and presents a strong threat to many storefront businesses. The ease of purchasing and the competitive pricing are very attractive to many people who just as of yesterday used to buy in a real store.
As the saying goes, “if you can’t fight them, join them.”
Let’s look at [...]

Expand your storefront business with two actions

Apply these two simple actions and expand your storefront business.
1. Attract attention     2. Deliver your message
1. Attract attention
As a storefront owner, you compete with many others for the attention of prospects. Your first goal is to make your prospects notice your store. People’s attention is mainly attracted to the different. For example, a single [...]

Increase sales by advertising on your car

Your car can play a role in increasing your business’ success.
Using stickers, magnetic signs, see-through rear-window signs, lettering or even a full vehicle wrap, you can dramatically increase exposure to your business.
Here are a few things to think about:

Since your car is parked near the location of your business, it [...]